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Winter Emergency Car Kit Must Haves

Whether you live in the mountains or in the countryside, you will always experience different weather. During the winter months, there are a few things you should do to make sure your vehicle is safe for you and your passengers.

Not only do you have things to take care of on your vehicle but some select items are best to have on hand. In a situation where you are stuck in your vehicle, having things like a blanket, flashlight, water and a first aid kit can come in handy. These things would make you more comfortable if you were forced to spend a long time in your car.

Jumper cables and cat litter can be very helpful as well. Cat litter can be used to gain traction if your wheels are stuck on ice. Jumper cables to use if your battery drains. Cold weather and batteries do not mix well, the cold will drain the battery causing it to not work. Certain things should be kept in your vehicle at all times for just-in-case situations. Thinking about what could happen could prevent you from a potentially serious situation.

Now when it comes to your vehicle. There are a few things you can do to make sure it's safe for this winter season. One thing you can do is get winter tires, this type of tire is designed for the snow and ice you may experience. Winter tires help you have better traction and will hold up for a long winter season. Another thing that can be done is for you to install winter wiper blades. These blades are a little more durable than the normal ones you would buy. Switch your windshield wiper fluid to one that has a de-icer formula. If you get stuck in an ice storm, using these two things together will help your visibility.

As a teenager, you might have heard your parents tell you to keep your gas at least half full during the winter. Parents told us this because if you were to ever get stuck in your car, you have no way to get more gas. If your vehicle shuts off then you will lose your heat source. Nowadays, most vehicles have a way to charge your phone. If your vehicle can't do that, then there's a chance you won't be able to call for help. Keeping gas in your vehicle is just one more safety measure you can take.

Depending on where you live, your vehicle may need to be winterized. I don't recommend waiting too long or saying 'we don't get snow and ice where I live' because we can't control the weather, it can hit anywhere at any time. If you need assistance getting your vehicle ready for winter, we invite you to bring your vehicle into Small Work Auto Repair today!

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