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Monthly Archives: May 2023

Why You Shouldn't Let Your Fuel Tank Reach Zero

Why You Shouldn't Let Your Fuel Tank Reach Zero

Imagine cruising down the open road. Suddenly, your automobile sputters and comes to a halt, leaving you stranded on the side of the road. You realize that you've run out of fuel. You realize it is a frustrating circumstance that could have easily been avoided. Running your fuel tank empty may seem harmless, but it can actually lead to a host of problems for both you and your vehicle. Here's why running your fuel tank empty (or too close) is not a good idea: Fuel Pump Damage: The fuel pump inside your fuel tank relies on gasoline to cool and lubricate its components. When you empty your tank, the fuel pump is exposed to air instead of fuel, causing it to overheat.  Sediment Accumulation: Over time, impurities and sediments settle at the bottom of your fuel tank. These contaminants can obstruct the fuel filter, reducing fuel flow and causing engine performance issues.  Fuel Injector Problems: Modern vehicles have fuel injectors that spew fuel into ... read more

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