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Winter Car Maintenance Tips

It's not yet winter - but it's almost time to start preparing your vehicle for the colder winter weather. Snow is in our future, and making sure your vehicle is ready and staying on top of winter vehicle maintenance will ensure that you're ready for any weather. 

Winter can tend to take a toll on our vehicles, from low tire pressure to the effects that road salt can have. The best way to prevent long term damage from occurring is by preparing your vehicle for the winter weather. Here are some of the top common winter car maintenance tips that will help you stay safe through the season: 

  • Swap out your regular tires for your winter tires
  • Check your tire pressure weekly
  • Check your tire tread to make sure you'll be safe driving in rain/snow
  • Always keep your gas tank half full
  • Have your windshield wipers replaced
  • Consider getting a layer of polymer wax added to protect from road salt and debris
  • Make sure you are up to date on your vehicle's recommended maintenance and services

All of the following winter maintenance tips will make sure that you are safe on the road this upcoming season. For all of your vehicle's winter maintenance needs, bring your car into Small World Auto Center. 

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