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Why Windshield Wipers are Important in the Winter

A clear windshield contributes to safe driving, especially during the cold, snowy winter months. However, windshield wiper blades are often overlooked by many drivers. Not until they find themselves in unpleasant situations on the road, caused by harsh weather, do they think of their windshield wipers.

Only then do they realize that they need properly-working windshield wipers and enough washer fluid to go on with their journey. Overlooked wipers and let you down at the time you need them most. That’s why you should regularly inspect your wipers in search of faults and have them repaired quickly.

From the effects of harsh weather, windshield wipers tend to deteriorate. The Sun causes the rubber that encloses the wiper blades to crack over time. This leads to a rough wipe that won’t work properly. 
Remember, always look for cracks and wear, making sure your wipers are working properly and if they are unable to move over the windscreen smoothly, replace them. When you start the wiper blades and hear a screeching sound, it’s time to change them.

The washer system is equally important

The washer system must work properly, as well. There should always be enough washer fluid. Inspect the nozzles regularly to make sure it does not fail. The nozzles must not be clogged with dust or other debris, and their spray has to be evenly distributed on the windshield.

You should also check whether the washer fluid is in adequate amounts and if necessary, top-up. When buying a washer fluid, make sure it won’t freeze in cold weather. It has to contain antifreeze to prevent it from becoming solid during the winter months and giving you headaches.

Taking care of your windshield wipers and washer system can save you a lot of trouble. You never know when you will run into harsh weather as you drive or when your windshield gets splashed with mud and visibility is almost zero. Performing a simplе, routine maintenance ensures the two parts are working efficiently and on standby for any eventuality.

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