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Why Is My Airbag Light On?

If your airbag light is on there could be a few reasons as to why you. Some of the main reasons and important steps to remember include:

  • Your airbags may not work in the event of a car crash
  • Your seatbelts could also be the problem
  • You may need to replace your crash sensor
  • You may have a wiring fault
  • Do not attempt to reset the airbag light on your own
  • Your are airbags may fail if your car has sustained water damage to an extent where the senses have corroded.

Your Airbags May Not Function

So always remember that the airbag light is a huge signifier that they might be a problem with your vehicle's supplemental restraint system. This system is the system which contains multiple crash sensors as well as the airbags. So when this light comes on it signifies that a problem was found within your system. This also signifies that one or more airbags may not function as intended in the event of an accident. It was also very possible that all the airbags could work as intendant even though the airbag light may be on. Make sure that you take your car to a professional mechanic to have it checked if you happen to notice your light on.

Your Seatbelts are the Problem

This SRS system on your vehicle also senses when a sudden forward momentum is detected on your seatbelt. The seatbelt pretensioners engaged would you very very tightly to your seat during a collision which helps to keep you from striking your airbag or the steering wheel as well as the dashboard. All of this prevents injury during a collision. Another item known as a force limiter reduces the Strain of the seatbelt on your chest but does so while still holding you safely in place. But does so while still holding you safely in place. When the seatbelt pretensioners encounter problem the air brake lights were also turned on. The airbag lights will also turn on.

Replace Crash Sensors

Asrs system problem could also occur after a minor crash. Whenever an airbag crash sensor protect a collision it seems this to the SRS computer which will then cause the airbag light to turn on.

Faulty Wiring

Your airbag light could be on simply because there may be a wiring problem within the system. As mentioned before make sure to have a professional mechanic take a look at your car.

Take the right precautionary measures If you notice that your airbag light is on. So, If you need air bag repair, give Small World Auto Repair a call today!

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