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What is an Engine Misfire?

When your engine misfires, you'll hear a pop or squeezing sound coming from the engine. These noises are usually accompanied by a strange smell that fills the car's interior. Although engine misfires sound scary, they don't necessarily mean your car will refuse to start. If your engine behaves like this, it must be checked as soon as possible because it can develop into something more serious, costing you much more money.

What is an Engine Misfire?

Your engine depends on fire/ spark, oxygen and fuel to generate power and create momentum. Each time you turn on your ignition, your engine starts burning small amounts of fuel in a controlled environment, generating power for numerous systems in the car. A misfire happens when the spark fuel or oxygen is missing or is improperly delivered during combustion.

Why Does the Engine Misfire?

A variety of reasons, including the following, can cause an engine to misfire;

  • A worn-out coil
  • Worn-out ignition wire
  • Worn-out spark plugs
  • A damaged oxygen sensor
  • Damaged fuel injectors

Anything that can affect the supply of fuel, oxygen and the spark to the engine can cause an engine to misfire.

Can I Drive a Car With a Misfiring Engine?

If your engine misfires, you may notice your car losing power and also feel unusual movements like shaking, vibrating shaking or jerking. It is crucial that you get your vehicle to the auto repair shop at the first opportunity to avoid creating a bigger problem with your engine and supporting mechanisms. So yes, you can drive the car, but you will probably be setting yourself up for more trouble in the future.

Is your engine misfiring? Engine problems need immediate attention from a trusted auto repair shop. We welcome you to bring your car into our auto repair shop for fast, reliable, and long-lasting repairs.


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