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What Is a Coolant Flush?

Coolant fluid, also known as antifreeze, is essential to your vehicle’s cooling system. It helps regulate the engine’s temperature and prevent it from overheating while protecting it from rust and corrosion. Over time, the coolant can become contaminated or break down, decreasing its effectiveness. This is why it’s crucial for vehicle owners to perform regular coolant fluid flushes.

A coolant fluid flush involves draining the old coolant from the system and replacing it with fresh coolant. It helps the system run at peak performance and can help prevent costly repairs down the road. To stay on top of cooling system maintenance, you will need to check your coolant fluid regularly and understand the symptoms of a bad cooling system.

Check Your Coolant Fluid Regularly

It’s vital to check your coolant fluid level regularly to ensure it’s at an appropriate level. Low coolant levels can lead to overheating, which can cause significant engine damage. You should also inspect the coolant fluid for debris, discoloration, or other abnormalities.

Understanding the Signs of a Failing Cooling System

When the cooling system is in danger, it can cause significant engine damage if left unchecked. Common signs of a failing cooling system include:

  • The engine is running hotter than normal
  • A sweet or burning smell is coming from the engine
  • There is steam or smoke coming from the engine
  • The coolant fluid level is consistently low
  • The radiator or hoses are leaking

If you notice any of these signs, please bring your vehicle to Small World Auto Repair for an inspection ASAP.

Tip: Don’t Mix Coolant Fluid Types

Using the correct type of coolant fluid for your vehicle is essential. Mixing different kinds of coolant fluid can cause chemical reactions that can damage the engine and cooling system. Check your owner’s handbook to determine the right type of coolant fluid for your vehicle, and stick with that type over your car's lifetime.

Have Your Cooling System Flushed Regularly

Coolant fluid flushes, similar to other fluid services, should be done on a regular basis. How often this is needed can vary depending on the vehicle, so be sure to review your owner’s manual for specific service intervals. If you’re due for a coolant fluid flush, be sure to schedule an appointment with Small World Auto Repair in Eugene.

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