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What does the leak underneath your car mean?

Seeing a leak underneath can be a cause for concern, especially if you aren’t sure how serious it might be. When you see a leak, be sure to inspect it and make a mental note of the color and where the leak appears to be coming from. Fluids can leak due to a number of reasons, and the severity of the leak can vary depending on the source.

Here are what some leak colors can indicate:

Clear - Clear liquid isn’t a leak at all, but is just condensation from the air conditioning system. 

Red - Red fluid can come from the transmission or power steering system, caused by a broken transmission seal or a hole in a line between systems. 

Pink - Pink fluid usually is power steering fluid or transmission fluid, as mentioned above.

Orange - Orange can indicate leaking antifreeze or just regular condensation that is rusty from the radiator. Transmission fluid can also look orange if it is old or dirty.

Yellow - Yellow fluid can indicate a radiator coolant leak, caused by a loose hose clamp or a damaged o-ring. 

Green - Green fluid is usually an antifreeze leak. Antifreeze can start to leak when hoses, fittings, or clamps have worn out.

Blue - Blue is windshield wiper fluid. With time, the fluid reservoir and tubing that carries this fluid can wear out and cause leaking. 

Light Brown - A light brown fluid leak is usually new motor oil or gear lubricant. 

Dark Brown - Dark brown fluid can be old motor oil or brake fluid. 

As soon as you notice a leak, it is important to have your vehicle inspected. A leak can cause major issues within your vehicle, and the sooner it is repaired, the less damage will be done and the cheaper the repair will be. If you notice a leak, bring your vehicle into Small World Auto Center for quick and friendly service!

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