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Unusual Vehicle Smells and What They Mean

If you want your vehicle to run at peak performance and save money on costly repairs, you must pay close attention to any unusual smells it gives off. When your vehicle releases a weird odor, you should never ignore it. Most of the time, it signals a car problem. Read on to learn more about strange vehicle smells and what they could mean for your car.

Rotten Eggs

The rancid smell of eggs is indicative of a major problem going on with your catalytic converter. Hydrogen sulfide gas is converted into sulfur dioxide by the catalytic converter. But, when it is clogged or malfunctioning, the hydrogen sulfide can't go through the chemical transformation. If you do not take your car to an auto repair shop soon, it could lead to all-out failure of the catalytic converter.

Maple Syrup

When your car gives off a sweet scent, it is almost always a coolant/antifreeze leak. When this occurs, you must address it immediately as your engine is at risk of overheating. 

Burning Carpet

Generally, the smell of burning carpet implies that your brakes are the problem. Your brakes are overheating, and you should immediately have them checked and serviced by an automotive professional.

Burning Rubber

The smell of burnt rubber typically means it is coming from a rubber component, like your vehicle’s belts. When belts wear down, they can slip, break, and move against other car parts. You should bring your car to the experts at Small World Auto Repair for belt inspection.

Musty Odor

Musty odors typically come from your car's air conditioning system. It stems from mildew and mold growth within the evaporator. Fortunately, you can remedy the issue by turning off the A/C and running the fan on high to dry the moisture. 


When your car, SUV, or truck emits an odd smell, it is best to bring your car to a professional mechanic for inspections. We invite you to call or visit Small World Auto Repair today.

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