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Top Vehicle Maintenance Items for Fall

It’s the fall season, and as our weather changes from the hot summer heat to the colder months, it’s time for us as vehicle owners to take charge of our vehicle’s maintenance. For instance, you may have not even realized that your vehicle’s windshield wipers aren’t working properly anymore because you haven’t turned them on in months. Small maintenance items like changing your windshield wipers are important when it comes to making sure your vehicle is prepped and ready for fall and winter weather. 

Vehicle maintenance is not only important for your safety on the road - a healthy vehicle will also help save you money over time by allowing you to avoid costly repairs. If your vehicle is well maintained, you won’t be stressing over unexpected breakdowns or major issues that can occur with cars that are in poor health. 

When it comes to transitioning from warm to colder months, here are some of the top vehicle maintenance tips that will help you stay safe on the road: 

New Windshield Wipers

Most car owners don’t realize that our windshield wipers need to be replaced at least every year, and sometimes twice a year. If you turn on your windshield wipers and notice any streaking or skipping, it’s time to replace them. It is a very inexpensive service and is extremely important to your safety while driving in the rain. 

Headlight Restoration

With the fall and winter months comes shorter days and longer nights. Since we are driving in the dark more often, we will need to rely on our exterior lights to guide us on the road. After the summer, our car headlights can typically become fogged up and cloudy. A quick headlight restoration will make your headlights brighter and clearer to help you see better in the gloomier months. 

Check your Tires

An important inspection for fall and winter is your vehicle’s tires. Without good tires, your safety is at risk when it comes to properly handling your vehicle, especially in rain, snow, or icy conditions. Check your tire pressure and make sure that all tires are at the recommended air pressure level. Your tires should also be inspected for tread. A tire will low tread will struggle to make traction with the road in wetter conditions and can be very dangerous. 

Test your Defroster and Heater

No one wants to get stuck driving in the winter morning without a working defroster or heater. Without a working defroster, it might be impossible for you to drive to your destination with a clear view. The lack of heat in your vehicle during the winter can also be unbearable at times. We recommend testing these two systems to make sure they are working properly. 

All of the tips above will help you make sure that your vehicle stays running in top condition over the fall and winter months. If your vehicle needs any of these services, bring your vehicle into the professionals here at Small World Auto Center for friendly service. 

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