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This is How Often you Need to Change Your Brake Fluid

Brake fluid operates under extremely high temperatures and high pressure. Without the proper amount of clean brake fluid, your vehicle would not stop when you push the brake. So, your car must get the right type and amount of brake fluid. And it must be clean.

There are no set times or millage limits to change your vehicles' brake fluid. You will find that the timing varies by type of car, driving conditions you typically encounter, and the manufacturer's recommendations. A nice rule of thumb is to check with your car manufacturers' suggested maintenance schedule and check in with your repair shot during regular oil changes; the expected change duration is somewhere between four to five years.

But if something seems a little off, it could be time to change your brake fluid. Here are a few telling signs that it just might be time to consider heading over to your trusted repair shop to check your brake fluid.

One of the surest ways to know that your brake fluid needs a change or needs a top-off is if your Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) light turns on; this is especially true if you drive a newer vehicle, your ABS light will come on if you need to add or replace the brake fluid.

When you find you have been having more difficulty pushing down on your brake pedal, that is a solid sign that you probably need more brake fluid. Or it might mean that it is time to replace the fluid altogether.

If your brakes start making a noise, take your vehicle in to get checked out right away. Low or dirty brake fluid will inevitably affect your brake pads. If you hear any squealing, grinding, or squeaking, it might be time to check your brake fluid.

Noticing a chemical odor after repeated braking is another sign you might need to change your brake fluid. If you experience this, pull over immediately and allow your brakes to cool down if heating the brake fluid, which will lead to brake failure.

If you need brake service, don't hesitate to bring your vehicle to our auto repair shop today!

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