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Is Synthetic Motor Oil Right for Me?

Synthetic motor oil is an artificial lubricant, typically made of organic and inorganic elements. Synthetic oil is chemically engineered to be more consistent than traditional oil. Moreover, certain additives can be found in synthetic oils, appealing to certain cars' needs. 


Research has found that more than half of today's vehicles on the road use synthetic or semi-synthetic oil over conventional oil. This is partially due to the benefits that come with using synthetic oil. This oil is known to be thinner, lubricate better, longer-lasting, and resistant to extreme heat. You should consider putting synthetic oil in your automobile if the following criteria pertain to you:

  • You prefer less frequent oil changes/you often forget to make an appointment/you usually wait until you're overdue for an oil change before getting one.
  • You own a newer or high-performance vehicle with a complex engine design.
  • You drive in harsh conditions or in areas with intense heat.
  • You want to obtain better gas mileage and hope to reduce your emissions.

The only major drawback of fully synthetic oil is that it costs more than other oil grades. However, many drivers make the justification that they save money by not having to change their oil as frequently. 


Furthermore, you should know that some older models of cars may not have the capacity to take synthetic oil. The last thing you want to do is damage your engine by putting in a type of oil that reacts poorly with it. Before your oil changes, you should always refer to your owner's manual to see your manufacturer's recommendations. Or you can consult with a certified automotive professional.


If you are due for an oil change and are interested in switching to synthetic oil, feel free to swing by Small World Auto Repair today! We'd be happy to discuss that option with you.

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