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Is it Safe to Drive on the Fourth of July?

Many Americans will gather on July 4th each year to celebrate Independence Day of the United States. It's typically a celebration full of fun, food, and vibrant fireworks shows. With the increased amount of vehicles on the road, it's important to plan out your day and ensure that you are comfortable getting to your destination. Did you know that July 4th is the most dangerous day to drive in America based on a study by Geotab completed back in 2017? Why is July 4th considered a dangerous day to drive, and what measures can you take to keep you and your family safe on the road? 

The main reason why July 4th has an increased amount of accidents and fatalities is due to the high amount of alcohol consumption. This leads to drunk driving, which causes 28% of all vehicle crash fatalities according to the CDC. This is why it is so important to never drink and drive, and help encourage others to avoid doing the same as well. If you or your family are partaking in consuming alcohol, plan your July 4th celebration at home or at a safe place that does not require driving the same day. You could also plan for alternative transportation such as a ride-sharing app or taxi. 

If you and your family will be traveling on the 4th of July, there are certain measures that you can take to try and protect your safety on the road. First, eliminate distractions while driving and be completely aware of your surroundings at all times. Next, understand your destination and how to arrive there. If you can, avoid areas with lots of cars or heavy traffic. Also, as mentioned above, do not drink and drive. If you're looking to watch a fireworks show, do some research online for places around your home that you could potentially walk to! 

While July 4th does seem to be a day that has many vehicle accidents, as long as you drive safely and make good decisions you shouldn't have anything to worry about. We hope that you have a fun-filled Independence Day celebration with friends and family and wish you safety! 

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