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Back To School Driving Safety

It's that time of the year - the kids are going back to school and traffic will be increased for the next couple of months. When it is those first couple of weeks of school, many more cars will be on the roads, especially in school zones, and children with backpacks will be roaming the sidewalks. 

With the increase of cars and of students out and about in the neighborhood, it's important to remember some back to school driving safety tips to keep everyone safe and unharmed during the beginning of the school season. 

Here are some back to school safety tips to remember: 

  • Obey speed limit laws in neighborhoods and school zones. School zones are marked with lower speed limits for a reason - many kids will be walking around the area and speeding is dangerous and unnecessary. 
  • Watch for pedestrians crossing the street and know your area's laws regarding right of way. 
  • Always take turns slowly and carefully, especially around homes and schools. 
  • Give yourself plenty of time to get your kids to school, that way you aren't rushing and stressing while driving. 
  • Don't stop in areas that are for emergency vehicles or aren't appropriate for drop-off - make sure you bring your child to the designated drop-off areas to avoid accidents and obey the law. 


Don't forget to be extra safe while driving during the back to school season. If it has been a while since your last vehicle inspection, a back to school inspection will give you peace of mind on the road for these busy upcoming days. Bring your vehicle into Small World Auto Center today! 

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