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Monthly Archives: October 2020

Do I Need to Maintain My Tires?

Do I Need to Maintain My Tires?

Your tires are a critical safety feature when it comes to your vehicle. They are the only things between your car and the road and help to ensure that you are able to accelerate, stop, and turn when you need to. Bad quality tires can cause a number of different issues, ranging from poor handling to tire blowouts. Good tire maintenance keeps you safer on the road and also allows you to save money on new tires throughout the years.  One regularly overlooked tire maintenance item is checking that your tires are filled up to the proper air pressure. When your tires are low in pressure, excessive tire wear can occur, and blowouts can happen. It isn’t safe to drive with low tire pressure, so checking it regularly and having it taken care of as soon as you notice that they are underinflated or overinflated can save you money. You can usually do this yourself at your local gas station that provides free air or we can help you here at our shop! Another tire main ... read more

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