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Monthly Archives: July 2021

Do You Smell Syrup? Your Engine May Be Overheating!

Do You Smell Syrup? Your Engine May Be Overheating!

Everyone loves waking up to a plate of delicious pancakes or waffles and the sweet smell of maple syrup. When it comes to your vehicle, however, it is not so much of a pleasure. A sweet, syrupy smell in your car is a significant sign of an issue. If you notice this sweet syrupy smell, there's a strong possibility that you've got a coolant leak.    Coolant, a solution comprised of water and antifreeze, has an essential role in your vehicle. It is responsible for regulating the engine's temperature to avoid overheating. The fluid is essentially a temperature transferer, and it provides heat to your cabin heating and defrosting systems. Coolant also has the added benefit of preventing corrosion.    The coolant in your vehicle flows throughout the engine, hoses, radiator, and heater core. The smell of maple syrup implies that coolant is leaking within one of those areas in your vehicle. When coolant leaks, the amount of coolant that should be circulating ... read more

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