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Monthly Archives: January 2021

5 car noises that require immediate attention

5 car noises that require immediate attention

There are many different noises that beg your attention when you hear them coming out of your car. If you don't address them quickly, your car may be permanently damaged or even destroyed. The following are five of these noises. Grinding or Squealing Brakes If this happens, your brake pads or shoes might be wearing down. There may be insufficient thickness in your brake pads to stop the metal components from coming into contact with one another. If you intervene early on, it may only be necessary to replace the pads. However, if you let it go for longer, this can lead to brake failure, which can be very unsafe. Chirping or Hissing Engine If your engine is making these sounds, the engine could be overheated, engine fluid could be leaking, or the catalytic converter or exhaust system could be plugged. Hissing could also mean a leaking vacuum. Chirping could indicate damage in the timing or serpentine belt in the engine. These are issues that need to be addressed right away if you ... read more

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