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5 Things That All Vehicle Owners Should Know

Owning a vehicle goes beyond just driving it every day. On top of relying on it to get us where we need to go, we are required to take care of it and ensure that it receives the proper maintenance and service. With how often we drive our vehicles, you would assume that many car owners know a lot about their vehicles. In reality, some car owners don't even know their vehicle's make, model and year!

There are certain things that every car owner should know about their vehicles just to be more informed overall. You'll feel more confident as a car owner and be able to handle any car situation with ease. Here are our top 5 things that every vehicle owner should know: 

  1. Year, make and model of your vehicle - this will come in handy for insurance purposes, at the mechanic, DMV, etc. 
  2. The VIN number - we know this is a long one, but if you can't remember it be sure to write it down and keep it with you in your purse or wallet
  3. Maintenance schedule - understand your vehicle's recommended maintenance schedule and set reminders for yourself so that you never miss an important service
  4. Tire pressure - knowing how to check your vehicle's tire pressure is super important. Driving with low tire pressure is a safety hazard and can actually decrease your car's fuel efficiency. 
  5. Know your vehicle's warning lights and what they mean - the owner's manual is a good resource for this! 

These are the top 5 things that every car owner should know to be better at taking care of their car and knowing vital information when they need it most. If your vehicle happens to be due for a service or maintenance item or you suspect that it may need a repair, don't hesitate to bring your vehicle into Small World Auto Center or give us a call today!

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