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10 Fall Car Maintenance Tips

Now that we are officially in Fall in Eugene, OR, it is time to set aside some time to prioritize your car. Let’s face it – winter is coming soon. With the colder seasons upon us, we should prepare our vehicles for harsh conditions. To protect your investment, be sure to have the following services and maintenance done:

  1. Change Your Wiper Blades - A rain shower or two may surprise you here and there in Eugene. To make sure you’re able to drive through heavy rain with great visibility, make sure your wipers are up-to-date. Replace them if they are 1 year old or older. 
  2. Test Your Heater and Defrosters - Fall is the perfect time to test your heaters and defrosters since the morning can get slightly frosty. Check to see if your defrosters can clear your windscreen and make sure heat can blast out your car vents. 
  3. Get an Oil Change - If you’re at the recommended oil change interval, what are you waiting for? Replacing your oil frequently can only do good things, like preventing breakdowns and expensive repairs down the line.
  4. Check Your Lights - A simple walkaround is all it takes to make sure your car is properly lighting up the road ahead of you. Plus, check your parking lights, brake lights, and flashers too.
  5. Replace Filters - If your air filters look dirty or clogged, replace them!
  6. Check Brakes - We often take our brakes for granted, but they should provide the right amount of stopping power to keep you and others safe. Be sure to test your brakes in dry and wet conditions to see if they work the same. Otherwise, we can replace any worn brake components at Small World Auto Repair. 
  7. Monitor Tire Treads and Pressure - Check to see if your wheels have noticeable wear and adequate tire pressure. In order for your tires to wear evenly and grip the roads properly, they must meet their minimum standards.
  8. Have Your Battery Tested - Your battery probably endured a lot of stress over the summer. Once winter comes around, it might be too late. That is why we recommend having it tested and cleaned to ensure your battery is charged. 
  9. Flush the Cooling System - Coolant will prevent your vehicle from overheating and freezing. Make sure your vehicle is topped off on this antifreeze mix.
  10. Pack Cold Weather Essentials - Last but not least, we recommend packing some key winter essentials with you along for the ride. Some winter clothing, blankets, shovels, rope, etc. can come in handy just in case your vehicle breaks down in the cold.

If you need help checking off some of these items on your list, feel free to bring your car to the automotive experts at Small World Auto Repair.

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